Dave Turner has recently been appointed "Reliable Solutions Director of Sales for the Northeast U.S." by Century Payments, Inc. giving Dave a major role in the company and a strategic advantage for Reliable Clients!

Welcome to Reliable Processing of New York

We are a licensed Agent/ISO for Century Payments of Dallas TX. We offer credit card processing for all types of business who accept credit card payments such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We work with businesses of all sizes - big or small, new or established - We adapt to what your needs are to run your business with extreme efficiency. Our job consists of helping and working with business owners in an effort to streamline their point of sale process in a cost effective manner.

Century Payments has over 350 employees spread throughout the United States, enjoying close to $10 billion in annual process volume and is also one of the Inc.500 fastest growing companies in the U.S...all offices fully trained and certified registered agents of our member banks and processors. Local offices support merchants with "hands on" emergency assistance in the case of hardware failure. Local offices will expedite merchant application process, install and train merchant staff ON SITE, when possible.

- Dave Turner

"After owning several businesses for 20 years prior to merchant services, I can help businesses in ways that you can only understand if you have been on both sides of the counter!"

Dave Turner - Owner